A charity book haul

I love rummaging and finding gems at charity bookshops. This book haul is from one of the first bookshops I ever went to - The Red Cross Bookshop in my local town - maybe I'll give you a tour if you guys want a more in-depth look? For now I have the spoils of my … Continue reading A charity book haul


#2 Indies all over | Five Leaves Bookshop

Nottingham's independent bookshop; filled with political literature, classics, new releases focusing on books from independent presses from around the world. Stepping into Five Leaves feels electric: multi-coloured fairy lights adorn bookshelves, Che Guevara quotes are pressed onto windows and radical authors fill up this unassuming bookshop nestling in Long Row. It's a bookshop that really … Continue reading #2 Indies all over | Five Leaves Bookshop

#10 Citizen: An American Lyric | A good book and a cup of tea

Citizen by Claudia Rankine is defiant, affirming and relevant. Read it to understand that oppression has never been as black and white. This is a book that will make you want to be heard and seen. In this collection Rankine assesses microaggressions and oppression-fuelled assassinations of character that follow black people around in America and abroad. … Continue reading #10 Citizen: An American Lyric | A good book and a cup of tea