#3 Indies all over |The Old Station Pottery and Bookshop

Set in a former railway station on the quiet coast of Wells-Next-the-Sea, this charming independent bookshop is home to a pottery workshop, craftshed and bookshop full to the brim with vintage books on every topic under the sun.

How’s your easter weekend coming along, friends? Have you been at the seaside, escaping to the countryside or cosying up with a book at home?

This weekend, Huw and I have been adventuring!

On Friday we jumped into the car and took a road trip to the scenic little seaside town of Wells-Next-the-Sea, on the North Norfolk coast.

I’d never been to Norfolk before, but when we got there I knew we’d made the right choice for a cosy-seeking-magpie like me. It really is a beautiful place full of pastel coloured beach huts, quaint cottages bursting with tulips and honey-suckle and it’s all-together more peaceful that some other touristy seaside towns.

Naturally, being Fi, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit a local bookshop on our travels. Here’s my review of The Old Station Pottery and Bookshop along with some things you can do in the area if you decide to visit!


Location: Wells-Next-the-Sea, North Norfolk

Specialism: My first thought when entering this bookshop was just ‘WOW’ I was taken aback by the history that seemed to ooze from its very walls. As the name suggests the bookshop originally a Railway station, with some of the original features still alive and kicking (pictures below!). The couple who own this wonderland, founded the bookshop in 1977 and have lovely created several themed ‘book rooms’ curated with specialist libraries of vintage books. You truly feel transported in time here! Just take a look at all those well-loved Penguin paperbacks.


Any added extras?: As well as being a bookshop, the railway station also includes a wonderful pottery workshop and the owners Thom and Jan, sell their beautiful creations on site. You can also find a dinky craftshed in the back garden (featuring needles, fabric, beautiful scarves and of course even more books), and a room dedicated to children’s literature.

The best bit: My favourite thing about this charming bookshop with the sheer variety and the fact that the cottage-style garden was the perfect place to read and an unexpected surprise.

Nearby things to do: Oh I do like to be beside the seaside and if you’re anything like me you’ll love exploring Wells! During our escapade we had the pleasure of dining on fish and chips at Season restaurant (the cod was GOLIATH and so so moreish) but I was too hungry to take a snap before I ate it all. I loved the atmosphere in Season, it’s sea-themed with tasteful port window decor adorning it’s walls, you even get a the best sea view in town for your custom and the staff were lovely.

When you’re too full to move why not recline on the sandy beaches for a while with a book? And pose by the beautiful beach huts (of course). If you get peckish don’t miss out on ice cream at the Wells Ice Cream Company but beware of the queues to get the sweet stuff – it’s a very popular place!

Where have your bookish adventures taken you lately?

Until next time,

Fi x

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