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Hi everyone, how are you doing today? This weekend so far has been spent filming youtube videos, watching a lot of Netflix and reading. Now we’re off to buy some decor items to redecorate my office and the spare room!

In a quiet moment this Sunday I’ve decided to sit myself down and write out my favourite things at the moment. ‘A non-bookish post?!’ I hear you cry. But fear not, books are on the list too, however I love to share elements of my non-bookish life with you too. So here is what’s making me beam with happiness at the moment.

Reading women of colour


So this is a constant favourite, naturally. But I’m making even more of a pledge to read more wonderful literature by  women of colour. The black experience is apart of who I am, and I know there is no singular one black experience and reading is a brilliant way to learn about histories and current realities of being a black woman.

Black women have such important, distinctive stories to tell and I can’t wait to delve into more black authors this year. A the moment I’m reading Women’s Prize Long-listed novel Praise Song for the Butterflies by Bernice L McFadden, and I’ve devoured a good chunk it’s beautiful and haunting prose in a weekend, and I’m truly enjoying McFadden’s tender way with words so far.

 Mental Health awareness

In the USA May is mental health awareness month and this Monday marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, where I live, with the theme this year being body image.

Mental health issues have pervaded in mine and my family’s life since I was young. I have experienced living through of the closest people to me being tormented by mental illness and my own mind forced to breaking point due to mental illness.

Awareness is one of my favourite things this month, because it open minds and saves lives, and nothing makes me happier than someone suffering getting the help they need.

To find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week please click here. If you are suffering from the effects of mental illness I promise you’re not alone, feel free to message me but please do seek professional help from a doctor, you can contact Mind or call the Samaritans, I love you.


Dreaming of travelling the world

I’m a traveller at heart. The thought of waking up to a brand new view and discovering a new place every other day makes my heart sing. Unfortunately I don’t have the means to go on a world adventure right now – but we can all dream right?!

So, instead I’m exploring the world little by little, and that’s just fine with me. Next on the list is Santorini in Greece and New York/ New Orleans. I’m have only just finalised both of these trips and I’m SO excited! Being a born list maker I’ve already whipped out my bullet journal to plan the sites I want to see, restaurants, music venues, theatre trips and of course, bookshops!

If you have any greek or American recommendations please leave them down in the comments!

Watching Titans on Netflix

Titans follows a group of unlikely superheroes and sidekicks as one of their number is hunted by a ominous group who seems to want them all dead…

As a lover of superheroes at the best of times (Avengers anyone?! Don’t worry I won’t spoil it) I loving having this to switch off to at the end of a long day.

Small escapes 

I’m trying to find joy in the small everyday things. Reading a new book in my reading nook, going out for a walk in a new place, watching a new garden bloom and documenting it all in a photo or a blog post.

Now May is here we’re starting to see glimpses of sunnier days in England and the sun always makes me feel more alive, and ultimately happier (and more carefree). Is anyone else the same?





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