August: Monthly Goals

Hello again everyone! So I’m back again and I’m proud to say I’m now a graduate. Sleeping at my university library and holding down four jobs is why I have not been around much this year and I have an agreement with myself to blog twice a week. Wednesdays and Sundays are the days to look out for my posts. But if you do not hear much from me at first bear with me – furious typing will ensue once I recover from post-degree laziness.

To kick start August (how on earth is it August it was Christmas 2.1 seconds ago?!), I have decided to summarise my goals for the month ahead on my blog to get my thoughts in order.

  1. Blog more – Blogging makes me happy. More than that, it fills me a heck of a lot of zen and as someone who worries about 158161 things all the time this is important. I really want to make the commitment to myself and you guys to write all the posts and not be too harsh on myself if they’re not perfect.
  2. Love more – I won’t go to deep into love life chats but I want to spend more time with those I love my friends, boyfriend, mum, sister and everyone in between. Even if its just chilling out watching a movie.
  3. Polish my illustrating skills – I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here. Fun fact about Fi: she loves a bit of art. I’m not particularly gifted at drawing but I think I’m learning again, and I love it! Now I have more free time I really want to brush up on my skills. I make such horrendous jokes.
  4. Pursue a job I truly love – Due to an exciting phone call I received I will be writing a blog post on my search for a graduate job and all the things I have useful and detrimental to my applications. It’s a tough journey but it’s worth sticking at.
  5. Find a flat fit for a grown up – I may be 22, with a sweet degree and a massive fro but I still don’t eat my crusts and I will ask you to get rid of a spider. Finding a flat with my best friend is the next step in being a proper adult, and I can’t wait to go to viewings next week!


Fi xx

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