#6 Wonder | A good book and a cup of tea

5 stars – Wonder is charming, funny, heart-warming and transports you back to being ten years old. WONDERFUL IN FACT (SORRY I HAD TO).

This is one of those books that has buzz that proceeds it, which always worries me a bit because I always have this nagging fear that I’ll be the one reader who just does not see the appeal. With slight trepidation I picked up this book during my placement at Penguin and it was recommended to me by 3 different people who told me in serious tones how remarkable it was. I needn’t have worried because they were right.


The story follows an ordinary 10 year old kid called August fondly know by his mum, dad and sister Olive as Auggie, he blooming loves Star Wars and he likes playing with his best friends. Except Auggie makes people run away when they see his face, he once wore a astronaut helmet for months because it made him feel more normal and Halloween his favourite (even better than Christmas) because he gets to wear a mask, just like all the other kids. The book starts with August deciding to try out middle school for the first time and shows us how he survives despite how tough life can be when, to the outside world at least, you are different.

I have very rarely admired a character more than I have admired Auggie – he is friendly, cheeky, brave and brilliant; and the story shows how all of Auggie’s brilliance influences the people that are closest to him. I love the close knit family unit in this book most of all, despite all the pressures they are under, August’s family always look out for each other and it is the portrayal of their gentle loyalty to one another that makes this book an absolute gem. READ THIS BOOK.

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