Fi’s Happy Days | 5 small ways you can enjoy a day at home

I want to start this post by sending you all so much love. This is a hard, unprecedented time, I know a lot of you right now are anxious, uncertain or just down right scared for yourselves and your friends and family. Mentally a pandemic is gruelling and I just wanted to offer a few small tiny things that have been helping me while I remain home. If you are a key worker reading my blog, so many thank for still being out there for all of us, you a light.

  • Bring the outside in

It’s amazing how much going outside at least once a week for some exercise can boost your mood, especially as the days get longer and lighter. If you’re in lockdown right now you may not have that option, but simply making sure you sit on you balcony or potter around your garden each day gives you a chance to refresh and appreciate the world around you.

If you don’t have a garden I recommend popping some fresh flowers or a plant in your room and even opening a window, even while in quarantine the seasons are changing and seeing new life bloom is great for the soul.

  • Bake or cook more adventurously

I’ve always been big on baking and cooking. You may have the urge to fill up on sweets, snacks and alcohol right now, and if so, girl you are NOT alone. But a warming, healthy meal (like my meal below of lamb stew with dumplings) or a home-baked treat will make you feel so much better than another Twix.

Trust me I’ve tested this theory out. Plus time spent in the kitchen loving preparing meals now lots of us have the time to do so, is less time stressing about the uncertainty in the world, and you get to try out new tasty recipes that you can add to your arsenal.

  • Get creative

Join a creative challenge! I’ve decided to do the 100 heads challenge this April. For this challenge you simply have to draw 100 different heads as well as doing some spontaneous watercolour drawings. Reading wise I’ve been taking a little break from more heavy and longer reads to focus on reading things that are a little lighter – at the moment I’m loving reading The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang.

• Journal to structure your days

Checking in in my bullet journal has been a great way to relax in the last few weeks, just getting in my thoughts down is so calming. To do lists are my favourite, I know that sounds nerdy but I stopped caring about the social faux pas of being a nerd long ago and wear that title with pride. Listing out and categorising all the projects I want to do and breaking them down into bite-size tasks helps me add some much needed structure to my days!

•  Redecorate or declutter your living space or garden

We all, must likely, are going to be spending a lot of time inside in the coming weeks and months. Ensuring your home is comfortable and functional is important in putting your mind and ease, and is an activity you can do to feel more productive while at home too. I personally dedicated a few days to transforming my childhood home from a very garish pink to a zen cream and honestly I feel so much better about spending more time at home already. It’s also was surprising relaxing blasting out some Toto and just painting for hours! Have you got a renovation project you’ve been meaning to get to for ages? Now is the time.

Wishing you all happiness and better days to come!

Fi x

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