Adventures with Fi| The Peak District

Sometimes you just need to get away.

HELLO! This is my first post on my blog so expect similar life updates, fashion purhases & book reviews each week.

 Huw and I had been planning to go off to discover somewhere a bit different for a while now and back in May we both had a weekend off so we finally did, and it was wonderful. Really, this is cheating since this adventure is now quite old… but I need to document possibly my favourite mini-break ever, I hope you don’t mind.

Yes, in the history of mini-breaks sits in pole position like an angel teetering on top of a tree (I’m ready for christmas, the yuletide analogies slightly give it away).

Anyway back to the point of this post. One mild weekend back in May Huw and I decided to go full on Bilbo Baggins and go on a spontaneous-ish adventure. We hoped in the betty the car and drove to Castleton, Buxton and Matlock. If you’re ever in Derbyshire, by the way, please do stop off at Matlock, the fish and chips are top-notch & you may just get slightly too excited at winning a stuffed toy at the arcades.

While we didn’t find any gold or trick any dragons we did experience: one surprise picnic, two delectable steaks, several owls of various sizing; one of which was pint-sized and sassy, a bat cave (sort of) and some very sour sweets. I have no shame, sweets, owls and picnics are all pretty darn awesome. Sorry for the lack of food related photography in this post I always feel a bit funny whipping out my camera to take picture of my dinner, plus I’m always far too ravenous not to eat all my dinner straight away, anyone else? As a city girl all of this countryside frivolity excited me greatly hence me getting tad snap happy…






This last picture is one of my favourites, it’s Huw collecting leaves for a very mature game of ‘Poo sticks’ , which I’d never played before…no prizes for won (woo!). When was your last adventure?

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