Edinburgh | literature, cobbled Georgian streets & comedy

There are no stars as lovely as Edinburgh Street Lamps – Robert Louis Stevenson

Last weekend Huw and I took a little trip to Edinburgh for my birthday. Seeing as it was January, Scotland seemed like a wise choice. Of course. Despite the turbulent winds and my bad luck with a birthday morning stomach bug (trust me you don’t want the details on this one!), Edinburgh was every bit as magic and beautiful as I could have hoped for, here are some of my highlights.

The Writers Museum

After we had grabbed a hot drink and recuperated from the rainy journey in our Georgian Air BnB to be welcomed by absolutely lovely host (check out some of the pictures of the lovely space below!).

Then we headed to the Writers Museum, this tiny little museum is just across the way from the bustle of princes street. It’s completely free and focuses on the Scottish-born writers Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert Burns.

This museum was absolutely charming, it’s in a lovely Georgian building and across several levels all connected by an iron spiral staircase (so, obviously, I felt like I was in Hogwarts). My favourite exhibition was Stevenson’s – I loved learning about his travels throughout his life and his love-hate relationship with Edinburgh. I was particularly taken with this quote from the writer: ‘There are no stars as lovely as Edinburgh Street Lamps’. I have to say, I think I agree.

Fun fact, did you know he wrote The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in less than a week?! I certainly have to up my writing speed.

Our gorgeous Georgian Air BnB complete with beautiful well-stocked bookshelves

Beautiful Book & Stationery Shops

You didn’t think I was going to go somewhere new and neglect to find the indie bookshops did you? This time I went to the beautiful wood-panelled book oasis that is Topping and Company, recently opened this bookshop was the stuff of dreams and is part of the reason I want to move to Edinburgh, like, yesterday. I’ll be doing a full indies all over review on it soon so keep your eyes peeled!

We also visited a few stationery/gift shops including Paper Tiger and Curiouser and Curiouser, which is housed on the cosmopolitan Broughton Street. Here are some pictures of the treasures inside!

Topping and Company, feat book ladders, free tea & coffee and so many books!

The Stand Comedy Club

The night before I’m now calling stomach bug gate, we took a trip to The Stand Comedy Club which was ideally positioned a few minutes walk from our Air BnB. The night we’d booked on for is called the Sunday Night Laugh-in and laugh we did!

It was fabulous evening with 4 acts on the bill and funnily enough my favourite happened to be the host, he was hilarious and instantly identifiable as a master of improv. If you’re into laughing until you nearly cough up your rum through your nose* (*may be based on personal experience), you have to give this show a go, and at £6 a ticket it’s a bargain too!

Calton Hill & The Sunday Strockbridge Market

No trip to Edinburgh is complete without a visit to Calton Hill to see the stunning views across the city, this was definitely my absolute favourite thing we did whilst there. I mean just look at it. After taking the city in we meandered across town to the Sunday street market to fill a stomaches with authentic paella and wile to time away looking at crafts by local makers.

I hope you enjoyed travelling to Edinburgh with me, have you been? If so, what did you get up to whilst walking those magical streets? Here’s to another trip in the near future!

Fi x

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