#4 Indies all over | Books are Magic, Brooklyn NYC

Books are Magic is based on an unassuming street in Brooklyn, filled with bagel stops and locals. This little neighbourhood bookshop certainly lives up to its name and more.

It’s an easy bookshop to spot because of its gigantic mural wall outside, you’ve probably seen it on many a bookstagram post. So, when I visited in last year I obviously had to take a picture outside too. Cue a lot of mildly embarrassing posing, and my boyfriend teasing ‘didn’t you actually want to go inside?’ more than once.

Luckily, the interior of Books are Magic was just as inviting. There were so genres and authors to choose from in this neatly organised and modern bookstore. I couldn’t help myself so on my adventures I picked up a SIGNED – somebody hold me – copy of Pet by the incomparable Akwaeke Emezi and a Books are Magic pin.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Specialism: Books are Magic are all about fighting for their readers well-being. They run a kick ass blog, check it out here, where they talk all things LGBTQ, feminism, diversity and of course books. I for one, am here for it! In addition, they support gun reform through the sale of their melt the guns tote, find out more about the work they do here.

Nearby things to do: Site see at the Brooklyn bridge and grab a bagel on your way.

The best bit: Books are Magic didn’t just feel like a beautiful bookstore (which it no doubt is!) – it’s also is community hub and a place I felt people from different walks of life could feel welcome.

I noticed that while the store wasn’t busy the store was visited by families with small children checking out their cosy children’s areas, travellers like myself and readers young and old pursuing the shelves. Their impressive events list and book signings also foster this feeling.

That sense of community (whilst being surrounded by books) felt really special! Having visited many bookshops whilst in New York this one was by far my favourite, I REALLY wish I didn’t live thousands of miles away in England or this would be my regular bookshop.

Have you visited Books are Magic? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Fi x

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