#7 Saga Volume 2| A good book and a cup of tea

Saga Volume 2 is just as bad-ass as its predecessor. 5 great big gold stars!



Here’s all you need to know about Saga Volume 2:

  1. Alana and Marko are intergalactic couple goals, they fight each other’s corner even in the face of the universes greatest adversities, the in-laws, in this second volume.
  2. The narrative point of view , courtesy their retrospective toddler, is sarcastic yet insightful and this narrative perspective really comes into its own in this volume.
  3. This is one of the rare graphic novel series where the sub-plot is just as good as the main story arc. Robot IV will render you angry, confused and angry again.
  4. You find out all about how Marko wooed Alana.  This is a meet-cute with blood, prisons and political erotica and it will make you vow to be as much of a sass queen as Alana.
  5. You realise how much of a softie the bad guy is. If you haven’t read the first volume (where have you been?) , Vaughan’s baddie is a trained formidable assassin called ‘The Will’. He’s an antihero and his sidekick is a cat who knows you’re lying called, you guessed it, Lying Cat. If that summary doesn’t make you want to get the first copy, nothing will.
  6. If you didn’t already know – exs are crazy.
  7. The final cliffhanger will hurt you a per usual, and you will resign yourself to hopping back on Amazon to see if they have a delivery option faster than Prime.
  8. Fiona Staples’ illustrations are as magic, grotesque, and as down-right awesome as ever. She will make you want to move to the stars.

I really hope you liked this mini review, have you read Saga or any other graphic novels lately? I would love some new recommendations.


Fi x


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