#4 Saga| A good book and a nice cup of tea

Saga by Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples is a graphic novel that packs heaps of sexy, subversive, omg-what-is-happening-where-is-that-blood-coming-from?! punch. 5 stars all the way.

Not one for the easily freaked-out this graphic novella tells the plight of two future humanoids Alana, a prison guard, from planet Landfall (modern day earth) and her husband Marko, a foot solider from Wreath (otherwise known as the moon). We soon learn that their love in forbidden – the two planets are at war that spans the cosmos and their relationship threatens their baby’s life from birth.

OH MY GOODNESS. The comic bursts into life in hilarious action-packed fashion with Alana giving birth to the story’s narrator Hazel. In this scene Alana gets weirdly turned on by childbirth and Marko cuts his daugher’s umbilical cord with his teeth rather than use his sword which he now sees as a symbol of the war he hopes his family will eventually escape from. The wacky first chapter sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the action.

As the family search for solace at the mystical Rocketship Woods a sub-plot of the royals, assassins, and a woman who resembles a headteacher with a unicorn horn who are all out to get the young couple is revealed. And the young couple’s odds aren’t looking great.



The story isn’t all sex and violence though. The fantasy is injected with amazing comic relief through the electric, unconventional love story between its protagonists: liberal husband and wife, Marko and Alana. The sassy sarcasm of the fiercely protective Alana pitted against the  quietly pragmatic persona of horned reformed-warrior Marko is magic. Both characters are given just the right human touch without detracting from any of the kick-ass awesomeness of the plot.

This is the first graphic novel I have read in a year or so and honestly its made me want to order the next volumes pronto. In fact they’re already in my Amazon basket. Read it now!



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