My 2020 Bullet Journal: reflection and new habits

2020 bullet journal

I’ve always loved writing, which may not be surprising to you as I have this blog to document it! I’ve actually kept a bullet journal since June 2018, but in 2020 I want to make more videos on my YouTube channel and blog posts about my spreads, goals, doodles and adventures in my journal!

But, before I set my sights on the new year, I want to celebrate some of the successes I had in 2019. I’m a bit of a work-a-holic and put far too much pressure on myself. So, in 2020 I want to remember some wins and re-wire my thinking to celebrate myself more. In 2019 I am proud I:

  1. I completed therapy and improved my anxiety
  2. I got my TEFL certificate in order to teach abroad this year
  3. I drank more water each day
  4. I spent WAY less on shopping for clothes and makeup and more on my hobbies
  5. I started a YouTube channel and started blogging again
  6. I made art regularly and started a new creative hobby (embroidery)
  7. Although I didn’t win anything – yet! – I had the courage to submit my writing to journals and prizes
  8. I spent some great quality time with my mum, sister and boyfriend (and our cats)
  9. I travelled to Paris, New York, New Orleans, and Santorini

I really want to make an effort to keep up good (but realistic) habits this year, the main ones being:

  1. To write each week
  2. To draw or be creative each week and to be brave enough to sell my creations
  3. To keep on reading, blogging and YouTubing, but to try my very best to be more consistent
  4. To focus on my self-care and to do positive mindset exercises regularly
  5. To spend quality time with loved ones
  6. To gain the confidence to say ‘NO’ to the things I don’t want to do and to say ‘YES’ to new opportunities on the horizon

Here are some shots of my 2020 journal and spreads, I’d love to know if you journal and what habits you want to keep up in the new year. Want are your  2019 wins and your hopes for 2020?

2020 bullet journalbullet 2 - for blogbullet 3 - for blogbullet 4 - for blog

Materials used:

  • Pink and Mint Green Tombow brush pen
  • Micron fine liner, size 2.0
  • Yellow Stationery Island brush pen
  • Tombow fudenosuke soft black brush pen

Fi x

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