Catching up with Fi| A cheesy Valentine’s, feeling 22 and exciting opportunities

Hi everyone!

I haven’t been around these here parts for a long time and mostly that’s because this has been my first real day off since Christmas. I love working on my degree (most of the time) and my jobs but I have been missing the world of blogging, so here’s a run down of some of the snazzy stuff I’ve been up to between lectures, teaching, and having my nose stuck firmly between the pages of a book (mostly  Valentine’s hoorahs with a fella I like a lot and my other love…pizza).

IMG_8752 (480x640)

A lot has happened in the last few months including me turning 22 (how, what, when?!) despite feeling 12, bagging a very exciting internship, reading all the books, starting the swotting process for driving lessons and being on the road to graduating this Summer. It’s all a bit overwhelming so blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. I hope this chance to have a nosey at my life sort of makes up for my appalling absence a tiny bit. I hope you’ve all been well *prances off to check my dashboard for all of your latest posts*.  Thank you so much for baring with me and happy scr0lling!


P.s. please feel free to comment any posts you’d like to see below feeling a bit stuck so ideas lately but more book, lifestyle and natural hair tip posts are in the works!

Fi xxx

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