#12 My Sister the Serial Killer | A good book and a cup of tea

My Sister the Serial Killer is a darkly satirical portrayal of two sisters, Ayoola and Korede, who are covering up a very murderous secret. Fast paced, complex and quietly funny this Women’s Prize longlisted thriller is a sure 4 star read.

Plot: Ayoola is a beautiful and impulsive Nigerian woman who has the world wrapped round her little finger; she has a great job as a social media influencer-come- fashion designer, every man she could ever want and a fiercely protective older sister. The only problem is she has a nasty little habit…of murdering her boyfriends. Her level-heading sister Korede ends up (against her better judgement) cleaning up her foolhardy sister’s misguided crimes but when a doctor at Korede’s hospital falls under Ayoola spell things go from bad to worse. Is blood really thicker than water?

I loved the family-driven plot of My Sister the Serial Killer. I’m not usually one for thrillers but the unique concept of this one kept me on my toes and kept me laughing at the familiarity of the complex relationship between Korede and her deadly sibling. To watch my full review of the book check out the video below!


Fi xx

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