Life with Fi: O Brave New World, Bill Bailey & a Jamaican Feast.

 A post for people as nosey as me! 

I like to know the person behind the blog whenever I’m having a read so here’s a pictorial run-down of what I’ve been up to lately so you can learn a bit about me. I have been a bit elusive dealing with the less fun aspects of uni life lately so here’s hoping I can make up for it and you’ll all forgive me.

I will also be doing a very magical tag and a What’s in My Bag (yay for unintentional rhyme) very soon, as well as a book review so look at for those. Please let me know if are any posts you would really like to see!

The following pictures feature: a very ginger cat, a vicious game of scramble, a TOBLERONE cocktail (seriously can you imagine anything else so joyous?) , lots of tasty food, one laugh-out-loud comic and the first signs of autumn(!!).











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