#14 The Flatshare book review | a good book and a cup of tea

The Flatshare is a pitch perfect romance for lovers of charming hilarity of Sophie Kinsella and JoJo Moyes

I ended January desperate to delve into some reads that were more light-hearted, fun and honestly that I didn’t have to think to much about. I got more than I bargained for with The Flatshare. Don’t get me wrong this is undoubtedly a comforting read crammed with jokes, an artistic and ill-fated protagonist who is a little too like myself…and it manages to incorporate a romance that keeps you guessing. But, this book also deals with the topic of emotional domestic abuse with integrity and sensitivity too.

We follow Tiffy and Leon unlikely flatmates who communicate solely via post it notes and text messages. Tiffy is an eccentric creative, but broke Editorial Assistant, who is a little lost having just left a toxic relationship and Leon is down-to-earth but stuck in his ways, palliative care nurse who spends more time at work than at home or with his girlfriend. There new found relationship is sweet, bumbling and felt remarkably real – I can’t say this book makes me anymore likely to share a bed with a flatmate though!

The Flatshare really is a breath of fresh air; perfect if you are looking for a fun and vibrant read but also an important exploration of the long-standing ramifications of an abusive relationship and the realities of a wrongful criminal convictions. O’Leary deals with both subjects with kindness and empathy, and the subtle depths of this book was really a pleasant surprise – highly recommend this one.

Have you read The Flatshare? I would love to hear your thoughts. If you prefer YouTube videos, I also regularly post bookish videos on my YouTube channel. Check it out here!

Fi x

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