Indies all over #1 | Bakewell Bookshop

I really do love a good bookish series – here’s a new one!

I’m actually a secret Londoner (not so secret if you’ve heard me recount a story to my London mates in a overexcited cockney squeal) and I’ve noticed that there seems to be some lovely info about indie bookshops down south on the blogosphere and on booktube, which is great! But I’m keen to give independent bookshops across the country some more love too.

In these posts I’ll be giving you a run-down of my favourite independent bookshops, as I live in Nottingham these will largely be from the East Midlands. However I will also be reviewing any indie bookshops I come across here in the UK and abroad as well as giving you a little snippet of nearby things to do when you’re in town. SO LET’S GO.

IMG_3185 (1)

Location: Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Specialism: Bakewell bookshop is quite snug but still manages to be chockful of a variety of reads. Chart toppers, children’s books, non-fiction, there’s also a little table dedicated to for books to read in your lifetime featuring classics galore.


Any added extras?: An extremely cosy looking cafe attached so you can drink tea and eat all the cake as you read. Heaven? I think so.

Nearby things to do: Bakewell is a pretty picturesque little town, brimming with independent homeware shops, cafes and plenty of markets – so once you’ve spent an hour or two in Bakewell Bookshop there should be a few more stops on your list.

While we were there I ate a massive slice of delicious traditional Bakewell tart at Bakewell Tart Shop and Coffee House, visited another indie bookshop – this time it was Book End which sell second-hand copies, and had a look around Birdsong (which is a beautiful little homeware independent) and went to Bakewell’s Monday Market where there are stalls selling everything from fruit to handbags (I had to be dragged away from the jewellery stall). There’s also Chatsworth House round the corner if you fancy a historical jaunt.


The best bit: This was definitely the mystery bestseller for £5 basket! My only regret is  picking up just the one book:


The ladies who served us were lovely too, despite some technical difficulties with their sound system… if you’re reading this, thank you ladies!

Are there any independent bookshops you would recommend?


Fi x

5 thoughts on “Indies all over #1 | Bakewell Bookshop

  1. Another exciting glimpse into a book shop 🙂 I have a particular love of second hand books – I love to imagine the story of the book as well as enjoy the story within the book. My favourite second hand bookstore is in West End (Brisbane, Australia) , it’s called ‘Bent Books’ – i love the name too 🙂


    1. Hey Andy thanks so much for stopping by! I love second hand books too, I’ve just googled Bent Books and it looks incredible. Thank for sharing I’ll definitely stop by if I’m ever in Australia 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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